Hello There!Tanya_6

My name is Tanya Tazzioli and I am currently in my fourth and final year of my Bachelor of Music Education through the University of Regina. As well I am currently pursuing my Elementary ARCT in Piano Pedagogy through the Royal Conservatory of Music. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and for me, this is home.

This introduction is to serve purpose for my Education Technology class (ECMP 355). My background in technology has been quite extensive and well rounded. I can function on both Mac computers and PCs and I excel at blogs (as I do have 3 main ones that I use regularly).

Technology in the classroom most certainly has a place, but I would argue that there is an extent to which you can use it too much. If a classroom has a Smart board then you can bet there will be much shared with the students via technology. The problem arises when students rely on the technology so much that they can not complete simple tasks without technology. I fear that one day students will not know how to respond to simple social situations and only interact with their ipads or smart phones. I will choose to incorporate technology as much as I can without pushing this boundary so the students can relate to a world they now live in.

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