Check out these great resources for teaching:


1.) Music Racer =  great sight for students learning fingerings and note names. It is available for all kinds of band instrument. Also a huge help to those band teachers needing a refresher for particular instruments

2.) Music = A wonderful site for customizing exercises, teaching lessons and displaying different tools for a music theory.

3.) Saskatchewan Music Educators Association

4.) Saskatchewan Choral Federation

5.) Saskatchewan Band Association

6.) Saskatchewan Music Festival Association

7.) Saskatchewan Orchestral Association

8.) Percussive Arts Society

9.) Steve Weiss Music  = Great resource for percussion repertoire

10.) St. John’s Music = Regina’s music dealer

11.) Long & McQuade = Regina’s music dealer

12.) Cobb Swanson = Retailer for sheet music of various instruments


13.) Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation

14.) Office of the  Treaty Commissioner

15.) Saskatchewan Curriculum


1 Response to Resources

  1. I really love all these resources – to make this even better, maybe provide a brief annotation of each!

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